The North American Semi-Longhair is one of the largest and oldest natural breeds in North America. It was officially registered in the United States in the early 1800s. and is considered a native of Maine, located in North America
(hence the name of the breed).
Maine Coon is a balanced, friendly and accommodating animal. A real dream cat for someone who wants to actively communicate with their pet. Maine Coons are very sociable and human-oriented; they do not avoid the society of other animals. Usually Maine Coons choose the main owner of their little home pride - they can be anyone, not only the "official" head of the family. Sometimes a pet is most attached to one of the older children - the one who feeds him and takes part in the games.
Of course, it's not worth introducing birds, fish and rodents to the Maine Coon just in case - the small inhabitants of the house will most likely be perceived by the good-natured giant not as comrades, but as prey. Maine Coons are an aboriginal breed that appeared thanks to the muscular abilities of its first representatives, so their love of hunting is fixed at the genetic level.
Cats of this breed will be constantly next to the person, if he wants to - the Maine Coon will not be imposed, and he himself does not like familiar treatment. If the household does not mind, the Maine Coon will be happy to sit next to it - in an armchair, on a sofa, on a carpet, on a table by the computer. The pet will meet the owner after work, communicate with him in his special weasel language, reminiscent of a bird's trill.
True, the Maine Coon will not sit on the master's lap - the size does not allow, although love works wonders. Representatives of this breed can hardly endure even a short separation from a person, therefore, accessories for games, a special complex for the Maine Coon, including ladders, scratching posts, tunnels, houses, couches, hammocks, shelves, is not a luxury, but a necessity. Otherwise, the irrepressible activity of a pet, especially a young one, will be directed to curtains, sofas and wardrobes, which is fraught, if we take into account the dimensions of the Maine Coon, with considerable destruction.
Maine Coons at the watering hole like to rake water with their paws, spray themselves and everything around, and only then drink. Maine Coon's desire to work with paws extends not only to bowls of water - pets also actively dig and bury the litter box, scattering it around the tray.
They are not prone to kitchen thefts - nevertheless, the Maine Coon will not give up everything interesting and attractive - most often these are rags, toys, balls, small items that can be hunted.
Maine Coons are affectionate towards their household members, but completely indifferent to guests. Only after some time, having got used to the new person, the Maine Coon will show him signs of attention. This testifies to the legibility in communication inherent in the representatives of this breed.
Maine Coons have an unusual way of communicating with people - they rarely meow, and the purr they emit resembles a melodic bird chirping.

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