Each kitten is a piece of our soul.
Our goal is happiness for you, and for pets, loving and caring owners!

Our friends' kittens
nursery IRONCAT
kittens birthday 10/27/2023
4 female (n, n 09, gs, f)
and 3 male (ds, a, a)

dad OnlyCoon'Ru GELATO
cattery IRONCAT
окрас а

mom Feya Maritaicor Fortuna
cattery IRONCAT
окрас fs 09

Our kittens
nursery Maritaicor fortuna

Litter "J", duplicate of litter "B"
Gr.I.Ch Korsak + Ch.Odry King Size
date of birth March 25, 2023
male: ns, ns, n 09 , ns 23, n 23
female: f 09 

Female Joy Maritaicor fortuna
f 09 (black tortle with white ), born Marth 25, 2023
Excellent bones (weight at 5 months 3,7 kg; weight at 6 months 4,5 kg ), straight nasal bridge, chin, normal bite, taill correct.
HCM,PKdef, SMA - N/N
photo 8 months

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